Coming Soon! 1GB Speeds With BTC’s High-Speed Internet!

BTC will soon offer small town service with big time performance for residents of the New Hope region! Our team is currently working hard to connect you to your community and the world with our lightning fast fiber optic network.

New Hope residents will soon have greater access to high-speed, reliable residential internet service for all of your streaming, gaming and web surfing needs, and more!*

BTC Broadband Internet

Get Up To 1GB Speeds With BTC’s Broadband-Only Service!

BTC is proud to offer small town service with big time performance. Our team works hard to keep you connected with our lightning fast fiber optic network. We’re now able to offer you greater access to high-speed, reliable internet service for all of your streaming, gaming and web surfing needs, and more!*
BTC High Speed Broadband Internet

Keep your home connected with our fastest, most reliable residential internet service yet. Let buffering and lagging be a thing of the past with a package catered to your usage. Not sure how much speed you need? We can help! Contact our local customer support team today or check out our handy guide to help you determine which package is best for your home’s internet needs.

BTC is a Smart Rural Community Gig-Certified Provider

Proud Members of the Smart Rural Community Network

Smart Rural CommunitySM is a network made up of a group of rural broadband providers who meet robust broadband standards and who are committed to driving growth and creating opportunities for their communities. Smart Rural Community providers enable fast, reliable and sustainable connectivity needed to thrive in an online world, especially as the demand for distance learning, telemedicine and remote work grows. And for those who live in these communities, it means equal opportunity for education, resources, entrepreneurship and more.

Questions? We’re happy to help! Contact us today.

New Hope Expansion

Residential Internet Service Packages

Kick your connection up a notch – or two, or three!
Elite Internet
Elite Series // CORE Package
150 MBps
$76.99 / mo
Elite Series // EDGE Package
300 MBps
$96.99 / mo
Elite Series // PEAK Package
1 GBps
$136.99 / mo


Installation is free for first-time subscribers. The installation process includes an ONT, one (1) hardwired Internet connection, and a WiFi router. BTC will maintain this equipment and the customer is responsible for their network and connected devices.

Our technicians will provide support for equipment provided by BTC. We do not support the customer’s connected equipment.

Charges & Fees:
  • Re-install charges: $67.60
  • On site visits: $50 for home/business visit and $50 per hour after the 1st hour (customer equipment issues)
  • WiFi Management and Internet Support: $4.95

For technical support call 270-665-9600 or email

For more information about BTC internet services, call us at 270-665-5186 or email

* Actual speeds may vary and aren’t guaranteed.

New Hope Voice Services

For both Residential and Business needs.
Starting at 18.99 plus taxes/fees.

Save Your Home Phone Number – It’s An Easy Call

Don’t give up your home phone number. Your number works on any device you own. Your home phone, your cell phone, tablet or computer. Make and receive phones calls no matter where you are.

Missed a call?

Voicemail can be sent to your email and even transcribed to text.


Send and receive texts from any device.

Keep data usage down.

You only use cellular data when you’re outside your home network or WiFi connections.

HD clarity.

Enjoy the latest HD voice technology with less background noise and clearer sound.

To retrieve voicemail messages online when away from home visit: