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Voice Services

Local and long distance connections have never been easier. We tailor our voice service to every customer’s unique lifestyle, with convenience and satisfaction in mind. And, as a service to our customers, each internet and cable plan includes local voice services package!

BTC voice services

Local Voice Services

For both Residential and Business needs:

Starting at $35 per month, per line
Includes UNLIMITED local calling

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Our prices are for basic rates and do not include separate federal and state surcharges, fees and applicable taxes. All new accounts are subject to installation charges.

Local voice service is defined as all voice communications using the public telephone network and includes all incoming and outgoing local voice calls in the 224, 334, 335, 462, 488, 665 and 876 exchange areas.

Service includes a white page directory listing, access to operator services and directory assistance, access to telecommunications relay service (TDS/TRS) and other services for persons requiring special assistance or access to emergency services (911).

To retrieve voicemail messages online when away from home visit:

Long Distance Voice Services

For both residential and business needs
Standard Plan

14 cents per minute

Paducah Area Plan

$4.95 per month, plus 8 cents per minute to these Paducah area exchanges

Paducah Area Exchanges

(415, 441, 442, 443, 444, 534, 538, 554, 575, 744, and 898)


In the case of telephone outage following a storm, first check to see that your telephone is still plugged in securely to the wall and hasn’t been jarred loose from the jack. If you are using a cordless phone, try plugging a regular telephone into the wall to determine if your line or the phone has been affected.
If there is a power outage then either the outage or electric wires are most likely to blame for the interruption of phone service.
If you are still experiencing troubles, contact our trouble hotlines at 611 or call 270-665-5186. And remember before our service technicians come to your home, all phone equipment should be unplugged.

Wire Maintenance

Inside wire maintenance serves as insurance for your voice service. For a small monthly fee, our maintenance plan saves customers time, money and hassle in the event they experience problems with their voice service that requires repairs.
This plan includes wire maintenance on telephone jacks and inside wiring and is available to all local voice service customers for just $1 per month. Wire maintenance doesn’t cover the actual telephone or customer owned equipment such as computers, answering machines or fax machines.
If a customer does not subscribe to the inside wire maintenance plan and there is an issue with the inside wiring, jacks or other customer owned equipment, there will be a $25 service charge plus the material cost to fix the problem.
Contact our business office 270-665-5186 for more information or to order this plan.