How Much Internet Speed Do You Need?

Tired of your favorite shows buffering? Is glitching ruining your gaming experience? We can help.

Glitching and buffering are two things you don’t want to worry about when it comes to streaming shows, movies and games. It’s one of those frustrations that no one should have to endure. And it could just be that you’re using more bandwidth than you have!

What does that mean? Think of it like a highway. The more traffic, the slower it goes. If you have multiple TVs, tablets, phones and/or computers running on your network, you also need the right amount of bandwidth to handle it. Check out our internet speed calculator to see which internet package best suits your internet use.

Internet Speed Calculator

The Bandwidth Breakdown

Which plan is best for you?

Web Surfing: Checking email, scrolling through social media, reading the news and surfing the web, these are your basic web based functions you likely use most on a daily basis. General web surfing of this nature uses around 1-2 MBps. Bump that up to 2-3 MBps if you do this while streaming a music service.
This level of bandwidth usage is covered with our Prime Series: CORE plan.

Gaming: Online gaming requires more bandwidth than is required for general web surfing to avoid lagging. If you’re a gamer, a parent of a gamer or both, then you know how frustrating game-lag can be. Online gaming can require on average 8-16 MBps of bandwidth, so choose a plan that can cover that usage.
Our Prime Series: EDGE plan is perfect for online gaming and standard definition online video such as YouTube.

Video: If you’re like millions of other Americans, you rely on a streaming service or services to view television, movies, sports and more. If you are watching in HD, and especially if you are streaming to more than one device at a time, you’ll need the bandwidth to handle all of that. Especially if your household is likely to be streaming video and games at the same time. Remember, the more devices connected, the more bandwidth you’ll need.
For regular usage across multiple devices, we recommend our Prime Series: PEAK plan to cover all of your streaming needs. If video conferencing or live video streaming are part of your regular usage, our Elite Series plans are built to handle this type of bandwidth.

Downloads/Uploads: One last component to take into consideration when choosing an internet package is the need to download and upload files or data. This issue will most likely affect those working from home, needing to download or upload large files on a regular basis. It also is a critical consideration for live video streaming, such as Zoom or other conference call platforms, or live streaming platforms such as Twitch or YouTube live.
For these customers, our Elite Series plans are best suited for this type of bandwidth usage.

More devices, more data

Remember, the more devices you have connected, the more bandwidth you’ll need to handle them.

The same is true for the number of people using that connection. The more people connected on your network, the more bandwidth you’ll need to accommodate them.

Have questions about how much speed YOU actually need? We’re always happy to answer them! Call one of our local support staff to help you decide the perfect plan for your needs.

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