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“We Bring Technology Closer to You”

We’re more than just an internet, tv and phone provider in Ballard and western McCracken Counties. We’re the area’s gateway to the world.

At the center of every connection made online, by phone, and via television, we’re there – a team of community members working for you.


As a local telecom provider, we continue to provide affordable and reliable services to help shape our community and connect it to the world. We offer local and long distance voice services, high-speed fiber-powered internet services, television and other services to Ballard County and western McCracken County.

Since opening in the 1950s, we have worked hard to meet and surpass every communication need. Our company stays up-to-date with new technologies and incorporates the latest trends into our constantly evolving list of services and features.

We strive to provide the highest level of service, as a cooperative that serves our neighbors and friends in Ballard and McCracken counties.

We support local businesses, school systems and community events and play a vital role in the growth and economic strength of our community. Our staff believes this cooperative effort between business and community is the key to a vibrant and successful community.