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Internet Services

BTC Internet
New Fiber Optics, New Internet Packages, Greater Speeds!
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Say hello to BTC's Broadband-Only service!

It’s finally here.

ELITE customers can now get top-notch Internet speeds without signing up for TV or voice services: everything you want, nothing you don’t.

Gig-Capable provider

Residential Internet Services

We’re a team of community members on your side working to bring the world’s best technologies to your home. We’re excited to bring your family fiber optic internet cables, now providing greater access to high speed and more reliable internet!

Prime series Internet

Make basic connections to the world around you. Our Prime Series packages are perfect for households with limited internet needs and fewer devices.

Prime Series: CORE
12 MBps x 1 MBps
Prime Series: EDGE
25 MBps x 3 MBps
Prime Series: PEAK
50 MBps x 5 MBps
Elite series internet

Kick your connection up a notch – or two, or three. Our Elite Series features packages with higher bandwidth than we’ve ever offered before – thanks to our newly installed fiber optic cables.

Elite Series: CORE
75 MBps x 8 MBps
Elite Series: EDGE
150 MBps x 15 MBps
Elite Series: PEAK
1 GBps x 100 MBps
Gig-Capable provider

Business Internet Services

Propel your business forward with our variety of business-focused internet packages, fitted with higher upload speeds than our residential packages.

Enterprise internet series

Your business runs on connections – we make it happen. Our Enterprise Series packages make business operations, connections and growth possible.

Enterprise Series: CORE
12 MBps x 1 MBps
Enterprise Series: EDGE
25 MBps x 3 MBps
Enterprise Series: PEAK
50 MBps x 5 MBps
Corporate internet series

Your business is on the rise – let’s see how far you can go. Our Corporate Series packages make anything possible, featuring higher bandwidth and greater speeds than ever before.

Corporate Series: CORE
75 MBps x 8 MBps
Corporate Series: EDGE
150 MBps x 15 MBps
Corporate Series: PEAK
1 GBps x 100 MBps
Actual speeds may vary and aren’t guaranteed.


Installation is free for first time subscribers. The installation process includes changing the protector at the house, installation of the DSL jack at your computer and testing the service. We are responsible for the service up to the connection point in the house. The customer is responsible for their network and PC.

Our technicians will troubleshoot to the original connection point. Service charges can apply to move the DSL connection point or to re-install the service. We aren’t responsible for wireless routers or network connections.

Re-install charges: $67.60
$50 for home/business visit and $50 per hour after the 1st hour
DSL Lease $4.95/month (DSL only customers)

For technical support call 270-665-9600 or email For more information about internet services, email or call 270-665-9600.

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