The BTC Brand Promise

Through honesty, transparency and open engagement, BTC helps customers take back the technologies that connect them to the world.

“Bringing Technology Closer”

The BTC Mission

Since opening in the 1950s, we have worked hard to meet and surpass every communication need. Our company stays up-to-date with new technologies and incorporates the latest trends into our service of Ballard County and western McCracken County.

We strive to provide the highest level of service, as a cooperative that serves our neighbors and friends in Ballard and McCracken counties. We support local businesses, school systems and community events and play a vital role in the growth and economic strength of our community.

The BTC Brand Voice

BTC’s communications are often technical in the information they articulate, so the goal is to keep the tone of the content very casual and simple as often as possible. BTC’s brand promise is about building connections. Honesty, transparency, and emotional earnestness create a good balance.

BTC’s Signature Colors

BTC’s primary brand is based in the signature Green and Gray. But BTC’s services are boldly color-coded, each with their own sub-branded version of the logo.

Telephone services, the origin of the BTC identity, is branded in the signature, basic Green.

Television services are signified in Red.

Internet services, through which BTC makes their biggest strides into the future, are signified in Blue.

Logo & Sub-Branding

Since most promotion and messaging focuses on Internet and Television services, separate branding for Telephone service is unnecessary, so any messaging for this baseline service fits into the standard, primary branding.

All messaging for Internet or Television services are sub-branded under exclusive logo variants.

When a smaller logo is needed and readability is a concern, use the “basic” versions of the BTC logo, which excludes subtitling.

Common uses for these “basic” logo versions include social media posts, lower thirds (bugs) for video, and other instances in which even the versions without subtitles can be contextualized by the primary logo.

PLEASE NOTE: For all third-party use (app integrations, sponsor signage, etc.), the full version of the logo should always be used.

Bringing Technology Closer
High Speed Broadband Internet
Television Services


From bold engagement to clarity of communication, BTC’s brand revolves around a single concept—the power of connection.

To that end, BTC’s typography adheres to a very simple standard: bold, over-the-top headings and simple paragraph content with incredible clarity.

Headings can be presented in ALL CAPS or Title Case.


Web Alternative: Bowlby One SC

Secondary Headings