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    How much speed do you need?

    That depends…

    What are you using your internet for? How many devices do you have? Keep reading – and watching – to figure it all out!

    Download our SpeedFinder Tool to calculate your bandwidth needs

      PRIME | CORE
      General web surfing (ex. email, blogs, social media): 1-2 MBps
      Music streaming (ex. Spotify, Pandora): 2-3 MBps

      PRIME | EDGE
      Standard definition video (ex. YouTube): 3-6 MBps
      Online gaming: 8-16 MBps

      PRIME | PEAK
      HD video streaming (ex. YouTube, Netflix): 8-16 MBps

      ELITE | CORE
      Video conferencing (ex. Zoom): 1 MBps upload, 2-4 MBps download

      ELITE | EDGE
      Frequent downloading of large files: 50 MBps

      ELITE | PEAK
      Live video streaming (ex. YouTube Live, Twitch): 5 MBps upload, 3-8 MBps download

        Web Surfing

        For email, social media, and reading the news, a basic broadband connection will do just fine, even with multiple devices. Our Prime Series: CORE plan is perfect for this!


        Online gaming needs more bandwidth and low latency to avoid lag. A mid-tier connection, like our Prime Series: EDGE plan will work great for one device. But if you have multiple gamers, consider upgrading to a higher-tier plan!


        Streaming standard definition video? A basic connection will usually be fine for one device, but a better connection will allow more devices to stream without slowdowns. If everyone in your house is on YouTube at once, more bandwidth will make everyone happy.

        If you’re streaming HD video even on one device, you’ll want a higher speed connection, like our Prime Series: PEAK plan.

        Video conferencing and live video streaming (like YouTube or Twitch) need high upload rates, which come with an advanced internet connection like our Elite Series plans.


        If you frequently download large files, you’ll want a high speed connection to reduce download times. Our Elite Series: EDGE plan is a great choice.

        And remember: when you add more devices, things get slowed down.

        If you have a lot of devices being used at once, consider getting a faster connection!